CUP MASK - Make Your Own Donation


Covid-19 has affected many people, some need more help than others to get through this difficult time. Us girls at believe even the smallest step taken will have a positive impact in our community.

We would like to encourage everyone to help our friends in need. As a token of our appreciation, we will be giving away Cup Mask, handmade by us. 

Material: Cotton

All mask are washed & properly packed.

Packing process:

  • All staff to sanitise their hand before handling garments.

  • Garments are steamed before packing.

  • Packed & sealed into delivery bags.



- Donate to a charity

- Place an order for the CUP MASK our website

- Send us a screenshot of the donation via DM, email or Whatsapp message.

- Parcel will be delivered via Ninja Van within 7 working days.


Thank you for supporting the community.

*One mask per donation or higher value donations for multiple mask (eg. 2 Mask- $20 donation).

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