Roz 2 Piece Ring Set



Beaded Rings in pearl white, carnation pink, metallic pink & champagne gold beads with pearl inserts. Stringed together with strong nylon string. Beads & string are made in Japan. 

Each piece customised to your ring measurements. Measurements to be stated in Message box during checkout. 

Customise your own Roz 2 Piece Ring set with the following:

01 Medium Daisy Crown: Pearl white, Carnation pink, Metallic pink, Champagne gold beads

02 Simple Cross Ring in Metallic Pink: Metallic pink beads

03 Pink Perl Ring: Metallic pink beads, Pink pearl

04 Flora Cross Ring in pink: Pearl white, Carnation pink, Metallic pink beads

05 Little Daisy Ring in Yellow and Metallic Pink: Light yellow & Metallic pink beads

06 Little Daisy Ring in Carnation Pink & Yellow: Light yellow, Carnation pink & Metallic pink beads

07 Little Daisy Ring in Metallic Pink & White: Pearl white & Metallic pink beads

• SKU No - RU201933
• Japanese Beads | Pearl | Nylon Thread
• Handmade by

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